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Hello stranger. I'm glad you found your way here. As you may have noticed, my name is Timm Klotz and I'm a 24 years young adult from Germany. In my undergraduate studies, I fell in love with designing customer-centric solutions for physical products. With my growing interest in technology, I discovered how much fun it can be to design the digital layer! I enjoy the process from figuring out the actual problem to iterating and testing different solutions to finally realising a lifelike prototype. When I'm not working on designs, I follow my interests in interior and 3D design, minimalism & nature.

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An interactive community space

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2020/21 - 3 Months
Master Interaction Design
Prof. Dominik Schumacher


UI/UX Design
3D Modelling
Spatial Design

Vital Circles

Vital Circles is an opportunity to fill Magdeburg's urban space with new life. A community space that focuses on movement and brings people together. A place that is intended to attract residents to the city centre and make the city an experience.  An application supports the training and experience. It also helps users to network with each other. Dynamic challenges integrate Magdeburg's inner city space.



Reviving Magdeburg's urban space through intervention and design.
How can we as designers respond to current and future challenges? What solutions can we offer and how can we encourage people to participate in our progressive strategies?

Design Problem

How can the diverse interests of the residents be integrated into a public experience?

Before exploring possible interactions in the urban space, the research started by studying the city's current framework plan. This led to a direct dialogue with residents of Magdeburg through a survey and pointed out needs and problems in the inner city area. Five locations in Magdeburg's city were analysed in depth and examined for the attributes researched in advance.

Research & Methods


The Friedensplatz in Magdeburg City


Friedensplatz Location


Excerpt from the citizens' dialogue I


Excerpt from the citizens' dialogue II

The citizens' dialogue helped to assess which places in the city can be better used and how.
Due to its very central location, the size and unused area, the enclosure of plants and trees and the view of the cathedral, it was decided to redesign the Friedensplatz. The aim was to create a gathering place with more atmosphere, a high quality of stay and an opportunity for experience, which would provide plenty of opportunities for interaction with citizens.

Key Findings


_Citizens want a place to come together and experience

_New places for leisure and exercise are desired

After the location of the intervention had been found and the problems of the citizens had been identified, initial ideas were generated in the form of a brainstorming session. In order to get a better understanding of the desired goal, so-called claims were formed, which stood above the concept like a motto.concept. This way, guiding goals can be defined in order to to work on the project in a more focussed way.



Excerpts from the Ideation Process


Active Pavillion Idea Sketch


Modular Workout Furniture Idea

Conceptual Decision
Different possibilities were explored to make the residents' everyday life in the city more active and exciting, creating a new place that invites participation. The result were a wide range of street furniture and small achitecture. However, it quickly became apparent that adding such a concept to the existing peace square would not be a suitable solution. In the end, it was decided to bring all these influences together at the Friedensplatz and design a completely new place. This place should be an interactive sports experience with a high duration of stay. For this purpose, the square was divided into different areas that fulfil different functions. At this point, it was already clear that an application should extend and complement the use and experience of the square.




The final concept, called Vital Circles - A community space, represents the essence of the previously explored research and ideation phase. All previous concepts were incorporated into the final concept. The functionality, design and implementation are explained below.

3D Model & Conception

In the development process, the focus was on two key components: the overall redesign of the Friedensplatz and the complementary application. The square was divided into four different areas: An area for physical exercise, a running track, a sheltered place for a playground and a leisure area.
The application is designed to enhance and improve the user experience of the residents. For example, the app can be used to connect with new local contacts, guide workouts and book sports classes for the square's stage area. In addition, vouchers for local businesses can be won through changing challenges.

Space Design

Spatial Design Ideation

For the implementation, the entire design of the square was planned and designed in 3D. To get a realistic impression, the design was put into a physical context with the help of rendering and an animation which presents the square. The design of the application is focused on the most important functions that extend the use of the space. Vital Circles is an interactive experience that encourages people to move, rest, play and socialise.



Word and Design Mark


Application Design


Running Track Design

Vital Circles is intended to make the urban space more attractive and motivate citizens to move their indoor activities outside. Therefore, a lot of emphasis was placed on incorporating as many areas of life as possible into the design of the square. The colourful colour scheme is intended to break up the dull and grey cityscape and provide an attraction. Vital Circles represents an opportunity to fill Magdeburg's urban space with new life. A community space that focuses on movement and brings people together. A place that is intended to attract residents to the city centre and make the city an experience. The application extends the possibilities of use.

Product Shots

Unique advantages

_A new way of experience the urban space in a city through using it as an extended home area

_Combines the digital with the physical world

_Intuitive and safe way to interact and connect with new people

Klickprototyp in Figma



_thinking and designing in a big scale out of the box

_cinematic animation

_combination of the digital and physical world through design